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Just for the next few wedding bookings we are making a unique special offer to you.  Here’s why: Alan has been a very high-end editorial and advertising photographer for many years and runs one of the major studios in Bristol. Our clients there are some of the most famous companies around.  This level of photography is beyond the abilities of most wedding photographers but we have not been concentrating solely on weddings and now we want to build a killer portfolio.

So, to build my wedding portfolio towards being simply the best in Bristol and the West, I am currently charging 33% off my usual fees.

You will have, by now discovered to your shock, that photographers charge £500- £2500 for a basic day’s coverage and then they retain copyright and markup prints and albums like crazy.  Also, wedding photography tends to attract photographers just starting out who have little in the way of experience – and you have no idea how good they are. Well, none of those shenanigans here – I’m guaranteeing a simple, clear, and fair offer (that’s why it’s £1000, not £995 but you can pay me £995 if it makes you feel any better…) from someone with the experience and professionalism of a photographer who has been working at the top end of the business for many years.

This means you get a proven expert for the price of a much less experienced photographer.

A quick word on choosing your photographer. Hard isn’t it?

There are many “Wedding Photographers” out there, maybe too many. In this line of photography they’re often people starting out with no track record in producing creative work, working to deadlines and dealing with people, especially people on their most important and day ever. A quick check is – are they VAT registered?  If not, they are not doing that much work… Once a business gets to a certain size it’s legally required to register for VAT (our prices include VAT).  On the other hand, you might strike lucky and find a talented beginner.

So, how do you choose who to trust? – Personally, I’d want to have a good long chat with my photographer and let them convince me that they knew what they were up to and be a nice guy or gal to boot who will be relaxed and unobtrusive on the day but absolutely fanatical about getting all the shots properly and sensitively recorded.  An ability to deal with Mother (and/or Father) and keep Uncle Ted off the booze (or bridesmaids) whilst not missing those little details goes with the territory. Please feel free to chat with me about this either by e-mail or telephone – there’s no pressure and I’m only too happy to advise whoever you decide to trust with your day.

Other options I offer include:

Pre-wedding sessions session on location or in the studio. Special venues / secret  locations. Fancy a shoot in an exotic location? – No problem.

Wedding albums and wall products (that’s prints) at sensible, not inflated prices.

Help with design of wedding albums that you can have printed yourselves avoiding any markup.

This is a great offer but I’d always say: choose your photographer on creativity and personality not just cost.

Making sure that whoever you choose is somebody you absolutely trust to do an outstanding job without frightening the horses (or Uncle Ted) – sensitivity to you and your big day going smoothly is the key.

But every little helps, right? My normal full price is excellent value for money for this quality in a really crowded market – this offer elevates that value level to the simply exceptional.

I’m happy to chat through ideas with you any time you wish. I’m aiming to give you the reassurance of hiring a very experienced creative at the price of a start-up but you should talk to me first and see if you like the sound of my voice.


I look forward to it!

The whole deal:

1/3 off



A whole day of photography from before the ceremony until after the first dance.

Typically 300-500 (usually more) images delivered retouched on USB drive with absolutely no usage restrictions

Fixed inclusive flat fee of £1000.00 instead of £1500.00 (for a limited period)  

This price includes 20% VAT

(Shorter photography sessions available depending on our booking schedule).

Images with basic retouch and prepared both for large print size and to send in e-mails.

 Web gallery with “favourites / quick view” section with password protected private access for all your friends and family.

All images archived offline on our servers for safety.

I am offering this special offer for a limited period and it’s going to be on a first come-first served basis

once I have enlarged my portfolio I will be charging my standard full fees starting at £1500.00 full day  / £750 part Day.

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