Terms and Conditions.


The boring small print, in fair, easy to understand, LARGE print.

I’m your’s for the whole day of booking, from early morning until late evening.

I’ll travel free of charge within 25 miles of Bristol.

Further afield, by car, it’s 50p per mile beyond the first 25.

Other travel costs to ANYWHERE charged at cost only – no markup.

Same with hotels and any other costs.

If I have to stay away for more than just the wedding day there may be extra charges – negotiable beforehand.

All your images will be delivered with basic retouching and fully prepared for use

as high-quality prints and the web within five days, often sooner.

Complex retouching eg. removal or moving objects, people, facial expressions etc will be charged at extra rates, negotiable.

We can supply “wall products” such as prints, framed or on

aluminium, glass, canvas etc at prices similar or less than you can source – no big mark-ups.

Same with albums.

In both cases a small design fee will be negotiated should you wish to choose these options.

None of these extra services is compulsory!

The image copyright (by law in the UK) is retained by the photographer – you are granted an “unlimited licence to use”.

This means you can do anything you want with the images – they are effectively yours.

All images will be displayed in a private password controlled web gallery for one month.

All images will be stored on our servers for one year as a back-up in case of loss.

Images will also be delivered on USB Pen Drive for you to keep.

All prices include 20% VAT

A deposit of £250 confirms your booking slot.

This deposit is refundable for a period of seven days from date of making booking contract/ reserving slot.

After seven days, deposit is only refundable in the event of default of contract by ourselves.

Balance due is payable by bank draft at least three working days before event / cash or credit card on day (fees apply).